My 2017-2018 Planner (Day Designer)

Hey y'all! I hope you are having a great week so far. Today I wanted to tell y'all a little bit about my new planner that I got for my Junior year of college! For the past several years I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer agendas. Although they were super cute and fun, they just weren't meeting all of my needs. I recently decided to branch out and search for a new planner. Luckily, I found the perfect one at Target for only $19.99! I hope this post can help you find what you're looking for in a planner!

I chose to purchase the Day Designer planner because I loved the layout. It has a page at the beginning of each month, with a full month calendar, so you can see everything at once. On the following few pages it has vertical sections for each day of the week. I love these pages because it has an inspirational quote, a to do list for the week, a box for gratitude, a place to put notes, and a section for next week, so you can get prepared for what's ahead. Under each individual day it has a section where you can list "Today's Top Three", a section with "Today's Schedule" that lists the hours of 6am to 7pm, and a box where you can write what you need to do that night. This layout helps me stay super organized, and filling everything in is kind of therapeutic and helps me feel accomplished.

Another reason why I chose to purchase this planner was because it includes several pages that help you think about your life and what you want to do with it. This book isn't just a calendar, it's a book designed to get you motivated and inspired.

On the first page it invites you to "Start With the Big Picture". It explains that you could write about your dreams for the upcoming months, and gives you a page full of lines to jot down your goals and vision. It gives you a chance to brainstorm and really think about what you are trying to achieve in the next year.

On the second page there is a section for setting your goals. This includes personal goals, family, friends, and relationship goals, heart and spirit goals, financial goals, and work, career, or study goals. I LOVE the idea of this page! These are things we would probably not otherwise think to include in our planner. I also love that to the side of each of these topics, it has a place called "Accomplish By:" where you can decide when you would like to have met these goals. This is a great way to plan your year ahead and honestly just think about the changes you have been wanting to make in your life, but didn't really know where to start.

The third page is where you can "Design Your Days". This means you get the chance to plan out your daily morning and evening routines, right on paper which is great for referring back to.

The fourth and final page of the "guide" if you will is called "Stay On Course". This page is designed to help you review your goals and make sure you have included all of the important things in your planner such as birthdays, travel dates, class schedules, important events, etc.

As you can see, this planner is very detailed, which is wonderful for helping you lay everything out on paper! I think I made a great decision in purchasing the Day Designer and I hope y'all will check it out!

Leave a comment, tweet me, or message me and let me know what your favorite planner is at the moment! I hope y'all have a wonderful rest of the week.

Court Elise

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