Six Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, & Soul This Month

Hello friend! I hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend, and first week of April. Something about the start of April really gets me in the mood for all things Spring! Last week I visited a new church with my family, spent some time with friends, and really focused on relaxing before I had to go back to school. This "relaxing" consisted of a lot of sleeping and watching Shark Tank, but I did manage to get out and pick up some pink roses for my dorm room before I came back to school.

Even after a short break, getting back into a routine of work or school can be tough. I don't believe our souls were created to sit behind a desk and repeat the same tasks everyday. This is why Spring Cleaning or doing a "mental check-up" is pretty important in my book. Now, we all know about the typical Spring Clean that most of us try to tackle around this time of year. But I decided to take a more creative approach to that task and focused on creating a list of things I needed to clean when it comes to my mind, body, and soul. If you follow these six steps, I am pretty confident that you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next several months, just as your home would if you were to take on these tasks the traditional way.

・Step 1: Declutter

You can declutter by going through all of your social media apps and unfriending/unfollowing people or accounts that do not inspire you, make you feel good about yourself, or you are no longer interested in. Whether it's that girl that your crush was dating in high school and you really want to see what she is doing in life, and she is just so pretty, and you are waiting for her to look like a troll, and, and, and.... or whether it's an annoying knitting account that you used to be obsessed with that one summer you tried to learn how to knit but now their instagram stories just take up ten too many seconds of your life as you quickly tap through all 100 of them. Do not worry about losing followers. If that is your reasoning for following some people then we can discuss that in a different post. Trust me, people will still want to follow you. You may not have as many followers, but so what? You have now decluttered, and you probably feel much better.

・Step 2: Re-Organize

Reorganize your life by buying yourself a cute new planner. Having a fresh planner allows you to start over. It also allows you to keep all of your to-do's organized into one place. The Spring can get a little busy for all of us, so this step is important. In your new & super cute planner, write down goals you have for yourself, and skip ahead and pick some random dates to write little notes to yourself. I have done this in my past several planners and it is always a joy to turn the page and see that I wrote myself a little note that says "remember to talk to God today" or "you look beautiful". These notes are like little burst of happiness throughout your month!

・Step 3: Dust

Dust away bad memories, guilt, and negative thoughts about things that happened in the past. Remember that time that lady cut you off on the way to Starbucks and she ended up in front of you in the drive-thru and you were so angry you almost exploded but then she ended up paying for your order and you felt really bad? Dust it away. That was very sweet of her to pay for your drink. Oh and remember that time you accused your boyfriend of cheating only to find out he was texting his 27 year old classmate to find out what she got for #17 on the homework? Dust it away. You learned your lesson.

・Step 4: Wipe Down:

Clear and polish your body by taking a day to pamper yourself. Get your nails done, take a relaxing bath with a face mask on and your favorite instrumental playlist in the background, or even plan a getaway to a spa resort with your girlfriends. Taking time to pamper yourself is just as important as it is refreshing.

・Step 5: Vacuum

Vacuum away things that fell to dust such as that volunteer project you were going to go to but never made it, or that 30 day squat challenge you began but never finished. Again, no need to feel guilty. Just vacuum those up and start fresh.

・Step 6: Decorate

Decorate your soul. Find a new Bible verse to put on your bulletin board or come up with a new mantra that you want to live by this Spring. Buy a new journal to take notes in at church. The little things matter.

I hope you will consider trying out this Spring Cleaning Routine and let me know in the comments or message me on Instagram and tell me what you think! I would also love to hear how your first week of April has gone. I put up a poll on Instagram stories and the majority said they wanted to see posts from me every other week so that is what I am going to try to do this month! One of my goals to write in my planner 😉

Have a great rest of the week!


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