Mornings, Motivation, and Accountability Partners

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a great morning. Did you get to class/work on time? Did you eat a healthy breakfast? If you struggled this morning then you have come to the right place! Finding motivation to get up early and go through the same routine you do everyday can be tough sometimes. We all struggle with this at some point! I have several tried & true tips that I think might help you get excited about tackling the day and help you get through these last few weeks of school!

Remember: It is NEVER too late to begin. Your time is NOW!

There are so many little tasks that go into a morning routine. But, I personally believe that a good morning routine starts at night. If I wake up to a messy room I will not be motivated to get out of bed and have a productive day. Start your day off right by straightening up the night before! Put everything in it's place, wash the dishes, and maybe even pre-pack your bag! When I was into having mini-yoga sessions when I woke up I would even go as far as to lay out my yoga mat the night before so that yoga could be the first thing I did. Whatever works best for you as long as it's something! Since you have prepared for your morning and have had a restful night of sleep due to your clear mind, wake up with fresh eyes. I personally have a sign at the end of my bed that says "Today is a good day". This always gives me a little motivation because it tells me that the world outside is having a good day and I can join in! The sun woke up today, even though some clouds may be covering it's path. You can too! All it takes is a little positivity. Next, take two minutes as you are waking up to think about the things you need to get done that day. Write them down if you must (I must), but don't stress over them. If you realize you have an appointment you forgot about, don't freak out, just write it down and move to the next task. Once I have washed my face, done my hair and makeup, and gotten dressed, I typically like to sit down with a cup of coffee and some breakfast and watch the news/check emails. Of course we all have days where we are rushing and may not have time for this, but that is why I like to wake up early enough to give myself some extra time so I do not have to rush out the door. This is SO important in gauging what kind of day I will have. Of course you don't want to forget to take your vitamins and drink your water during this time!

One of the most important (and fun) parts about mornings is checking in with my accountability partner! My friend and I wake up and text each other every morning and check in on whether we have woken up on time, eaten breakfast, and made it to class on time. I love doing this because I get to wake up to texts from a positive, supportive friend who totally gets me and doesn't judge me when I am struggling, haha! We all need someone like that and I really encourage you to find yourself an accountability partner.

If you struggled this morning, don't beat yourself up for it. I have a note on my board above my desk that says "lipstick on, shoulders back, move forward... let's do this". Pick yourself up and continue trying to have a good day!

I hope you have a great week! Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram. Send me a message or leave me a comment if you want to talk!


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