Finding Blessings in the Bad

Happy Monday, friends! Whether you are at home or work today, I hope you are staying healthy and calm! I have been thinking a lot over the past few days about how overwhelming this time is for all of us, and how this virus has taken over our lives as we know them. As someone who already struggles with anxiety, this event and all that comes with it has really taken a toll on me, especially with all of the conflicting news reports and rumors. However, I think by now we can all agree on what needs to be done to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, and can now focus on being home with our families.

Today I wanted to talk to you about how we can make the most of the situation we are in, use our time wisely, and find the blessings in the bad. We all wish from time to time that we could step back into slower, simpler days where families actually sat down and ate dinner together at the table, parents played board games with their kids, and families gathered together on the couch to watch movies and didn't lay in their individual beds binging shows that were streamed online. Well, here we are. Stuck inside our homes with our families and plenty of time to kill. Let's take advantage of this opportunity. Isn't this an opportunity? What if God has created this situation to bring people together? Time slowed down... people reaching out and helping the elderly and families with children who rely on school for food... bringing families together all around the world. Just a thought.

Let's turn off the news, play some board games, organize that closet you haven't had time to get to, paint that bathroom that you have despised for years, and maybe even tackle your spring cleaning to-do list. Alex, owner of Organize BHAM, has some amazing spring cleaning tips on her blog. I have spent the past few days decluttering and organizing my space, and it feels amazing! I know that having your kids home and possibly still having work to do might make it tough, but take advantage of this opportunity to slow down and focus on things that really matter like your family, home, and well-being!

Here are some things that I will be doing over the next couple of weeks:

- Reading books

- At home workouts

- Reading my Bible

- Cleaning and organizing

So many lovely ladies are sharing their thoughts on this troubling time over on Instagram! Last night I shared 10 accounts you should be following for talk about faith, peace, hope, love, inspiration, things to do with your kids, and just uplifting content overall. I want to also share those with you here along with how their content has served me over the past few days:

@nicolehuntsman (faith, hope, community)

@bitsofbri (cleaning, disinfecting, kids, hope)

@cristincooper (faith, hope, kids, facts)

@organizebham (hope, community, kids)

@lifelutzurious (peace, community, an escape, at home workouts soon to come)

@t.beaston (kids, cooking, peace)

@mrslynnwhite (community, an escape)

@carlylethornton (an escape, inspiration, at home workouts soon to come)

@livingmybeststyle (an escape)

@lonestarsouthern (facts, peace, love)

I truly hope you will give these ladies a follow.

Finally, I wanted to share a few bits of inspiration and hope as a reminder that there can be peace, community, hope, and love if we look for the blessings in the bad.

Yesterday's Verse of the Day: But don't forget to help others and to share your possessions with them. This too is like offering a sacrifice that pleases God. -Hebrews 13:16

Today's Verse of the Day: God blesses those people who are merciful. They will be treated with mercy! -Matthew 5:7

Quote of the day: "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping'."

-Mister Rogers

Bible verses for anxiety, if you're like me: (Thanks to @cristincooper for sharing these in her story)

Isaiah 41:10

Psalm 56:3

Joshua 1:9

Philippians 4:6-7

Deuteronomy 31:6

John 14:1

Connect with me on Instagram and let's talk about what you are going to use this time for!




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