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Happy Sunday! If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram then you probably know that I have had some issues with my blog. I had originally planned to publish this post on Friday, but had to completely update my site. I am still working on it, but I hope you like how it has turned out so far! I added a little holiday spirit with a new banner and a Spotify player with a song from one of my favorite playlists, Christmas Cocktail Jazz. With the holidays coming in hot it is important to have some routine in your life to help keep you balanced between all of the traveling, shopping, eating, and craziness. I have developed somewhat of a routine that I like to tackle each Sunday to prepare me for the week ahead, and I would love to share it with you. This routine is what works for me personally as a college student, but you may want to tweak it a bit when creating your own routine, or just gather some inspiration from it. There isn't always a particular order to the tasks I like to accomplish every Sunday because you never know what could get in the way of your to-do list. I am very much a planner and I have realized that if I am too particular about timing, I will almost always end up disappointed and feeling like I failed. So don't plan out your routine in time blocks until you know you can accomplish each task during its assigned time.

Wash, dry, and put away laundry. This includes clothes, towels, bath mat, and bedding. I like to start fresh for the week. Make sure you start early in the day so you have time to fold and put away before bed!

Dust, wipe down, vacuum (and mop if needed). I focus on my bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. I have pretty bad allergies so this task is crucial for me. Plus, nobody likes looking at dust. I will usually save dusting the ceiling fan, blinds, and doors for every other week.

Put everything where it belongs. The pair of shoes in the hallway, the skincare products out on the counter, the water bottles and cups from your bedside table, clothes that have fallen off hangers in your closet, shoes that aren't in their cubbies... everything. Your surfaces should be clean besides your regular decor, and your closet should be organized.

Organize bedside table. I have essentials that I like to keep in my top drawer such as my devotional, most-used essential oils, headphones, meds... you get the gist. These tend to get moved around throughout the week so it just needs some straightening.

Clean out purse/school bag. By the end of the week my purse is a disaster. there are receipts, pens, and just junk that I don't need. I use my LV Neverfull MM as my purse and school bag, so I've GOT to keep it organized.

Grocery shop. I like to start off the week by having healthy on-the-go food that I can grab when running out the door to school or when I need a snack later in the day. I like to have meals planned out and necessary items at hand so I am not tempted to eat out or make bad decisions. As soon as I run out of groceries that seems to always happen!

Update planner. I usually do this at the beginning of the month but sometimes things change, plus I just like to take a look at what assignments I have for the upcoming week.

Self-care. This word can mean many different things, and for me it's a little extensive. But I like to use my favorite tanning mousse, take a long shower, do a face mask, light some candles or use my favorite essential oils in my diffuser, read my devotional and watch a movie. Basically, just use this time for rest and relaxation.

Let go of last week. A lot can happen in seven days, especially when you are a commuting student juggling friends, school, life, a relationship, a healthy living space, a healthy body, anxiety, stress, and keeping your faith strong. Life is tough but we can't dwell on the past, the negative, or the unimportant. Let go of the things that made you sad, angry, or stressed. Look ahead towards what you need to and want to accomplish this next week. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start. Start off in a good headspace and radiate positive vibes because it will bounce back to you.

Well, there you have it. My Sunday routine to prepare for the week ahead. I am sure you probably have implemented some of these into your Sunday routine already, but I hope you found some new ideas that can help you prepare for the next week. If there is anything you would like to see from me on the blog or Instagram this holiday season, send me an email or DM and I would love to hear your ideas!

Talk to you next time, and have a GREAT WEEK!

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