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Wow, what a time to be alive! Happy Monday friends. When I was in school I hated Mondays, but now I look at them as a fresh start to an entire week of opportunities. I typically use Mondays for tackling laundry, cleaning, and planning, so that's what I'll be doing today! What have y'all been doing to occupy your time while a lot of us are stuck at home? I wanted to give you an update on what my life has looked like lately to hopefully give you some inspiration if you're feeling like you're in a funk, but first, I have to share some news with you! I am sure you noticed, but I have my own website now! I originally was sharing on, but I now have my own site,, and I couldn't be more excited! I have slowly but surely been growing my following over on Instagram, and I hope to reach more people soon, so I wanted to make finding my blog as easy as possible. I have included the new link in my Instagram bio that will bring you directly to my website so you can easily keep up with my most recent blog posts!

While we're discussing this I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who is following me and engaging in my content. I love posting and discussing topics that you love, but I am always going to stay true to myself. So, I am SO happy that y'all enjoyed my posts this week about the She Reads Truth Psalms of Rest Bible Study with Kate from @lonestarsouthern! I hope you were able to tune into Kate's IG LIVE videos with me. We started the study on Wednesday and ended yesterday, Easter Sunday. This study and the format of coming together with 100-200 other girls with Kate guiding us was really eye opening for me. I absolutely loved it! I have tried opening my Bible many times, unsure of where to start, starting from the beginning one day and getting bored, or starting in a random place and feeling... random. But for some reason having a guide, purpose, and other people on board gave me so much confidence, and I was able to understand and relate to what I was reading for the first time in my life. The past five days have given me a newfound love for my Bible, and my goal is to continue to make it a constant thing in my life. I won't bore y'all with all of the details and my thoughts from each day of the study, but if you are interested in them, I posted my takeaways on Instagram for days 1-3. Here is a link to the Psalms of Rest study so you can take a look at it on your own time if you are interested! I hope to see Kate lead more studies like this in the future.

Another thing I wanted to share with y'all is a list of 5 things to do to lift your mood while stuck at home. Yes, these are things I have been doing, and I am recommending them to you!

1. Make your bed and open your blinds every day, even if not first thing in the morning. If I'm feeling tired or just not in a good mood, I do this and it instantly makes me feel better and suddenly I'm ready to tackle my to-do list.

2. Make a to-do list, but give yourself the weekend off. Again, I am 22 years old and not a frontline worker, so I have the time to be extremely flexible... meaning I basically have zero obligations right now. So don't feel guilty if you cannot do this. But, after I make my bed and let the sun in I make a to-do list. Laundry, post to Instagram, self-tan, shower, etc. Also, I used to include "eat" in my to-do list, but I have found that when I don't, I sometimes forget about it until I am actually hungry, which duh- is so much healthier for me than forcing it in during what I tell myself is "lunch time"! So I wouldn't recommend going that far with your list.

3. Start a new hobby. I enrolled in @simplyjessicamarie's Intro to Watercolor online course and have been practicing that a bit. I honestly want to start it over and go through it all rather than breaking it up by week. Anyway, I highly recommend her courses! They are so fun.

4. Organize if you haven't already. Day 1 of quarantine I sped through every space I had been putting off organizing for literally years, and now I'm sitting around some days wishing I had something to organize! Which reminds me, my bathroom cabinet is looking rough... adding that to my to-do list for today! Anyway, tackle those projects. Closets, pantry, fridge, bedside table, anything. Get it done now while you have the time!

5. Grow your relationship with God. Read your Bible, start a new devotional, watch church online, pray.

Spend this time of uncertainty and restlessness resting in Him.

Focus on personal growth, self-care, and your mental health. This is a slow time, so slow down with it and work towards those goals. Notice how I didn't list exercising as one of my 5 things to do... oops 😉😂 But I mean work towards your goals of being happy and feeling strong mentally.

The final thing I wanted to share with y'all about my life lately is that you may have noticed, but I am now a Reward Style Influencer! This means that if you follow me in the LiketoKnowIt app, you can easily shop any items that I link from my Instagram posts and MORE! I sometimes post items on the LTKit app exclusively, so make sure you follow me so you don't miss out on any deals!

I hope you had a very happy Easter. I will see you back here next Monday, but until then keep up with me on Instagram!




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