The Four Seasons & How to Appreciate Them

Winter, spring, summer, and fall. Which do you love most of all? I am at my best during the fall. It's a bit of summertime with outdoor events and warm weather, but a little bit of winter as the leaves start to change and the air cools. I also love winter, but only leading up to Christmas. Christmas day has always been kind of sad to me. There is such a huge lead up to it with the decorations, movies, and events, but once it comes, it quickly passes, and it's back to reality. We'll talk more about that later. Today I wanted to talk about appreciating where you are in life and savoring each season.

Before we get started I have a couple notes for you: I have a Pinterest board dedicated to each season and their holidays. I am making it public and sharing it with you here in case you want some inspiration! As we move forward through the year and I continue blogging more and more, I want to take time to share more seasonal ideas and inspiration with you, so stay tuned for that!

My personality is very warm and cozy. I thrive on rainy days, cozy blankets, home cooked meals, and basically all things hygge. Of course I love pool days and going to the beach, and I especially enjoy the Easter season with all of the pastels and focus around our faith. But there is just something about the cooler months that makes me feel like me. Current mood: So excited about Hallmark's Christmas in July, and can't wait for fall.

Do you ever have trouble living in the moment and appreciating where you are now? I know I do. I'm always ready for the next thing. I'm ready to decorate for fall too early, or ready to listen to Christmas music too early. Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July marathon? MY SAVING GRACE. Between Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the Hallmark Channel, from now until July 26th, we are celebrating Christmas! YOU KNOW I'll be recording all of it! Even after Christmas I'm ready for Easter to come. Sounds crazy right? That's because it is! I need to work on appreciating and savoring each moment in time, even if it's not my season of choice. I feel like seasonal preferences are kind of like subject preferences in school. Some people love math and science, while others love reading and writing (me). Some people thrive in the warmer months and may even suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) in the colder months, and some prefer fall and winter.

As we officially reach the halfway point of 2020 today, I want to NOT reflect on what has happened (because it's been terrible 😂), but instead focus on what's to come. Okay maybe I'll reflect a little. I had grown to be someone who really appreciated the little things in life like birds chirping outside my window in the morning, sunsets, and the intricate design of a simple flower. But for some reason this past "season" of life has taken that out of me. Everything has been so negative, frightening, and life changing as a whole. I don't feel like myself, and I'm sure you feel that way too. But let's look forward, shall we? We have a couple months of summer left. Let's start appreciating the time we have had to take care of ourselves and our homes. Let's start appreciating the extra family time. Let's start appreciating the ways that God has peeked in on us. Amongst all of the tragedy and terror, He has still been present. The birds have still been chirping outside my window, the sunsets have still been just as beautiful, and He has still designed the flowers around my home just as intricately as before.

So, let's think about the little things that make us feel good. I want you to take a moment to appreciate each of the seasons for what they bring us:

Winter // Cold. Crisp. Snow. Hot drinks. Holidays. Lights. Decorations. Family. Thanksgiving. Love. Cuddling. Cozy. Fire. Christmas trees. Pinecones. Rest. Warm soup.

Spring // Pastels. Easter. Deviled eggs. Sugar cookies. Bunnies. Green leaves. Sunshine. Rain. Tulips. Gardening. Cleaning.

Summer // Sunshine. Swimming. Tanning. Fruit. Blooming flowers. Palm trees. Frozen drinks. Sunsets. Popsicles. Bright nail polish. Lemonade. Grilling out. Iced coffee. Outside.

Fall // Pumpkin muffins. Plaid. Crisp leaves. Cool air. Football. Cider. Hay. Pumpkins. Hot coffee. Caramel. Mums. Halloween. Candy corn. Warm lights. Candles. Apple pie. Blankets. Pillsbury cookies. Cinnamon rolls.

I hope you enjoyed today's chat! I would love to hear some of the things you appreciate about each season, as well as learn what your favorite season is, so please head to my Instagram post here and share with me in the comments!

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