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How do you calm the A-word?

Hey friends! Today we will be talking about things I typically do to calm my anxiety + stress, whether I am wanting quick results or have ample time to relax. Anxiety and stress are things that a lot of people deal with on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, but for some reason people don't feel comfortable talking about it. I want to change that and create a space where people can feel like someone is always listening to them and know that they have a group of people who genuinely care about them! I would like for my blog to be a place where people can feel comfortable discussing topics such as this one and find advice and hear about each other's personal experiences! Let's get started.

Feeling anxious in a public setting is stressful. Whether it's social anxiety, someone or something is making you uncomfortable, you are worrying about something completely unrelated to where you are and what you are doing, or you are feeling self-conscious, you probably start off by feeling a little nervous. The first thing I do when this happens is try to take some deep breaths. I know, I know... "typical"..."that'll never work". Just try it. It probably won't fix the problem, but it will at least help calm you down by lowering your heart rate. When you inhale, take in what ever you may be anxious about and hold it there for four seconds. When you slowly exhale, let all of the worry flow out of your body. Let your shoulders and neck relax. Repeat until you feel stable enough to finish what you are doing and/or remove yourself/take a break from the situation. Another tip that my mom actually taught me is to pretend your feet are faucets, and as you practice the breathing exercise, let all of the anxiety flow from your toes like water. Of course, this may only work if you are sitting or laying down, as I have not tried it while standing, but just find what works best for you.

Anxiety and stress may showcase themselves much differently while you are in private. You may be laying around feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do, while your head seems to be spinning faster than the speed of light. Of course you can practice the breathing and faucet exercises, but you may want to try getting up and doing something to alleviate the feeling. Personally, setting up a positive environment for myself really helps me get my mind off of whatever it is I am stressing over. I will typically make sure my space is clean (clear space, clear mind), play some soft music of choice that I know makes me feel calm, use my lavender essential oil on the tip of my nose to help with breathing, light a candle or bring some sort of refreshing scent into the room, turn on my Himalayan Salt Lamp (I promise these work for me), and either read a book or browse Pinterest. If books and Pinterest do not interest you, find something that does such as painting, coloring, practicing makeup skills, organizing, journaling, whatever it may be. Find what works best for YOU, because YOU are who we are trying to take care of here. These are things I will typically do all together. Of course, you can always run a bubble bath, go on a walk or jog, or talk to a family member. Whatever makes you feel calm.

I hope these tips help at least one of you. Have any of you ever tried these? What do you typically do when you are feeling stressed of anxious? Is there anything you have been anxious about lately that you want to talk about? Can we pray for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or send me a tweet or direct message on Instagram.

Until next time...

Court Elise

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