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My Journaling Experience

Hey y'all! Today I will be sharing with you my journaling experience. This includes how I got started journaling, what journaling actually means to me, what I include in my journal, and whether or not I think starting to journal has been a positive change I have made to my life! I would appreciate it so much if any of you who journal or have journaled before would share your experiences with me in the comments below or through my social media! I would love to learn more about journaling and get some ideas.

How I Got Started

I have tried staring a journal several times throughout my life, but I never seem to stick to it. I always get bored with it and it ends up being a negative place that I resent visiting at the end of my days. With that said, I was looking for a fun hobby to start this summer on Pinterest and journaling came up. This wasn't the typical "Dear diary...", but something a little more creative. I like to call it "Growth Journaling". (I will explain what growth journaling is a little later.) So I set off on a researching spree and found all kinds of journaling ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. I looked at people's journals, listened to their stories, and gathered some ideas for myself. Luckily, I already had a cute journal at home that I had never used. I was super excited to start making it cute!

What Does Journaling Mean to Me?

To me, growth journaling is an outlet for positivity. It allows me to get creative, make art, write positive affirmations about myself down on paper, and establish a hobby. Even though I am super new to journaling, I feel that everyone should try to find a hobby that forces them to remind themselves how important they are.

What Do I Include in My Journal?

This isn't a bullet journal, a daily journal, or even a Bible journal. This is a journal that includes a page for goals, a page for things I am thankful for, a page with a detailed layout of my workout plan, a page filled with adjectives to describe myself such as "caring", "creative", and "loved". It includes pages with some of my favorite quotes such as "She believed she could so she did", and pages of affirmations like "You've got this", and "You are so beautiful". One of the best parts about this journal is that I get to make it fun and colorful. I add drawings, banners, swirls, and symbols. Make it fun, be creative, and allow it to reflect YOU. I love using mixed media in my journal. I even cut words out of magazines and letters.

Has starting a journal been a positive change in my life?

Absolutely! I love the idea that I have a little book filled with positivity to look to whenever I want. It gives me a better option than scrolling through social media and wishing I was this and that when I am bored. I think journaling would be a great hobby for anyone to try! It's easy, fun, and there are absolutely no rules! You can make it as neat or as messy as you want. You can write about whatever you choose to write about. It's just a wonderful way to be creative which is something that we all could do a little more of!

I hope my experience inspires at least one of you to give journaling a try. Do some research, like I did, if you want! Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube have tons of great ideas. Don't forget to share your journaling experiences with us all!

I hope y'all have a great week!

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