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How to Handle a Rough Day

Good morning! Are you having a good day so far? My day started off a little rough, so here are some things I am going to do to try to make it better.

1. Take a few minutes to meditate. I really like the app "Headspace". You choose what category you would like help with and it gives you the option of a three minute or five minute guided meditation session. I typically opt for the three minute session. Today I am going to go for the "Productivity" category since I have a decent amount of work I would like to get done today but I am not quite up for the challenge.

2. I am going to do a health check up now. Did I remember to take my vitamin today? Let's grab a glass of water real quick.

3. I am feeling icky and stressed. I need a bit of a refresher. I am going to use my Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray to give myself a reboot. I may even take a few minutes to write down what is stressing me out. Whether it's a list of things I need to do that can be written into my planner, or something that I need to get off of my chest and into my journal.

4. Someone said something that upset me or rubbed me the wrong way and now I am really worked up. I need to focus, though! I think I am going to use a little bit of my lavender essential oil, take a few deep breaths, and move on.

5. I'm feeling burnt out today. Maybe even a little empty. When was the last time I sat down and talked with God? I think I'm going to tell him about my day.

6. I'm feeling much better now! I'm going to text my friend and see how she is doing today. Maybe we can make plans to grab brunch this weekend!

Everyone has rough days, but they all look different. Take some time to consider some things you can do to fill yourself up and get through the day on a good note. These are some things that I typically do. What are your tricks? Leave me a comment - I would love to hear! Have a great week!


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