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Five Things I Do to Stay Organized

Happy Thursday! Today we are talking organization. As you probably know by now, I cannot funtion when my mind or space are disorganized. I have rounded up the top five things I personally do to stay organized! I would love to hear your organization tips so leave me a comment or message me on Instagram. I will be sharing your ideas on my story!



1. I make my bed every single day. Even if it doesn't happen in the morning, I am still sure to do it before later in the afternoon. This helps me feel at ease when I am in my room looking for something or even relaxing. Your bed takes up so much space and is probably a main focal point in your room, so making sure it is neat is important.

2. I stay up to date in my planner. I change planners all the time. Honestly, every semester. I feel like new semesters= fresh starts so I need a fresh planner. Kind of over the top, I know! You definitely don't need a new planner that often, but as long as you stay up to date, mark off days that have passed, and keep it neat you are good.

3. I ALWAYS pick up everything before bed. I have gotten in the habit of putting things away as I use them, but if I was in a rush to get ready and had clothes and makeup scattered everywhere, I will pick everything up as soon as I get the chance, but DEFINITELY before I go to bed. Waking up to a messy room sets the tone for a "cluttered mind" kind of day and we don't want that.

4. I write everything down. Part of why I will be getting a new planner soon is because I don't really have a designated space for this, so I opt for my notes app on my phone. But I write e v e r y t h i n g down. Every thought that I need to remember, every creative idea, every task I need to get done, every grocery item I need to pick up... everything. If I don't do this I will forget all of it. This saves my life!

5. I am constantly deleteing and decluttering. Emails, voicemails, text messages, notes, etc. I even go through and unfollow people that dont make me happy, add value to my life, or interest me anymore. That sounds harsh but I feel cluttered when I have anything extra in my life!

I am curious to hear your tips for staying organized! Don't forget you can message me and I will be sure to share with everyone on my story.



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