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Putting Yourself First

Happy July! June was a whirlwind for me with starting summer classes at my college and trying to stay sane! With being gone all day for class and being so exhausted by the time I got home I was finding that I was putting myself on the back burner and only focusing on school, (which has paid off) but I was miserable. I realized that in order to be happy I needed to make myself a priority. Whether that's getting a few minutes of quiet time, watching a movie after I've finished my work, or simply doing a face mask -- I needed something.

A YouTuber I frequently watch recently posted a video about how to be a girl boss. In her video she said that a good rule to have for yourself is to do something for yourself before you think about the work you need to get done. If you wake up and focus on work and check your emails you will feel like work is controlling your day and like you don't have control over your day. I am DEFINITELY someone who struggles with needing to feel like I have control over my life at all times, so I think that's why implementing this change has been so helpful for me. She mentioned that it can be as simple as doing your skincare routine in the morning, but for me because that is something that's so normal for me and something I will have to do anyway, I feel the need to switch it up. In the mornings before class I typically wake up at a time that allows me to get ready and have breakfast without having to rush, but I don't have enough time to do much for myself, which I am okay with. During the week I come home from class, do my homework and study, and then I have plenty of time to relax with a movie, book, or face mask. This gives me motivation to get my work done because I have something to look forward to.

On the weekends, however, I like to wake up and take my time. I may make breakfast, just have a cup of coffee and quiet time, or I may do something fun and different. This weekend I decided to paint. I took an hour or two out of my morning to paint and it was so relaxing. I then got some cleaning done and felt more motivated and ready to do my work than if I had just woken up and felt all of the pressure of studying.

Don't let this get in the way of having adequate time to study for a test or get a project done, though. Just taking anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to do something for yourself can be good.

Do you find that you struggle with putting yourself first? What are some ways that you prioritize YOU?



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