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June Favorites

Hello friends and happy Friday! I hope y'all have had a great week and a fun fourth of July! Today I wanted to share all of my June favorites with you. I have chosen 10 topics to fill you in on what I have been dong this past month, with a few being a little different from last month's favorites! As always, I would love to hear requests for new topics that you would like to see included in next month's post. You can always send me a message on Instagram and we can chat!

P.S. I wanted to throw this little note in to remind y'all that anything you see that is underlined in my blog posts is a link that will take your to whatever it is that I am talking about! Feel free to take a look at those.



Month of June Favorites: 2018

Song: I have loved the song "Get Along" by Kenny Chesney this past month! It's just so fun and upbeat.

Hobby: I really enjoyed taking some time for myself in June to paint. It's so relaxing and fun because you get to be so creative with your blank canvas!

Movie: Mamma Mia! has been on replay over the past few weeks. I can't wait for the second one to come out at the end of July and coincidentally on my last day of summer classes!

Skincare Product: With being sick this mont my skin was super dry and just not feelin' it. The St. Ives Glowing face mask has been my favorite mask for a while now, but it was especially a life saver this month! You can pick it up at Target.

Nail Color: I am still wearing "Find Me An Oasis" by Essie, so clearly you need it in your life! Two months and no plans to switch anytime soon. I am thinking this is going to be my color of the summer!

Food: Avocado all the way! I have had so much guac this month and incorporated avocado in to a lot of different meals! It's so easy and tasty.

Drink: 1) Water, water, WATER! I have been pretty sick over the fast few weeks and water has been a lifesaver. I have been drinking so much of it, which I believe has alsohelped my skin! I found the cutest water bottle at Target and so of course that made it more fun and I get more excited to drink water now, haha! 2) Starbucks medicine ball tea. This stuff tastes amazing and really helped my throat when I wasn't feeling well! It consists of 1/2 steamed lemonade, 1/2 steamed water, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, Peach Tranquility herbal tea, and honey. You could definitely make this at home!

Shop: Bloom Daily Planners has been my favorite shop this month because they came out with their new vision planner, which I was able to snag this week! They are such a cool company that really focuses on sharing positive vibes. You should definitely check them out! If you click this link you can receive 10% off from me! You can also sign up for their email and receive 10% off, OR you can shop their Fourth of July sale through this weekend and receive 25% off with the code JULYSALE!

Bible Verse: His love gives life. (John 10:10-11) This has been my lock screen for a while now but it really was such a good reminder for me this past month. It so easy to get caught up in our busy lives and steer away from our focus on God. Taking time to talk to Him, as well as time to spend time with yourself is so important for your mental health. Even if you aren't religious just doing something that is calming for you can make a world of a difference in your clarity of mind and your overall mood. No matter how busy life gets, never neglect your relationship with God.

Relaxation Activity: Lighting candles has been my go-to when I want (or need) to relax. It;s such an easy way to wind down and thereis just something about that type of ambiance that puts me in such a good mood! I have such an obsession with lighting and ambiance that I impulsivel bought a mini lamp for my bathroom counter, LOL!

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