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2018 Review & 2019 Plan

2018 in Review

Hello friends! I hope you had a fun New Year’s Eve! I recently posted a series of stories on Instagram that reviewed a little bit of what I did in 2018. I wanted to talk a little bit more about my favorite things I did this year, and a little bit about what I learned.

In March my family and I visited Charleston, South Carolina for the first time. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I felt like I was living in an episode of Southern Charm, especially when we ate at Halls Chophouse, which by the way was one of the best meals I have ever had. SO WORTH the $$$! We toured about ten gorgeous homes. That was honestly probably my favorite part. Seeing some traditional style, some with a few modern touches, and the gardens…beautiful! I was completely blown away by all of the beautiful, colorful homes. The water was gorgeous as well! It was all better than I imagined. I don’t do much traveling but this was up there with the Bahamas as one of the coolest places I have been!

In the summer we took our annual beach trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We technically stay in Fort Morgan at the Beach Club resor, which is right next to Gulf Shores. We have stayed there for as long as I can remember! It isn’t too crowded and you can easily drive to some awesome restaurants. I think our favorite is Tacky Jacks 2!

I turned 21… at Disney World! My mom’s birthday is August 19th and mine is August 21st so we decided to drag my dad along for a little birthday celebration! We had such a great time. We had my birthday dinner at Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge, which is my favorite resort! It was SO good. I am glad we got to experience it because soon after our trip they revamped artist point into a character experience.

I discovered a new love for vintage shopping! I have found two really good vintage shops near my town that I like visiting often. I love the beauty of vintage and antique items as well as imagining the story behind it and what families owned these items. I have collected dishes, glasses, framed photos, bedding, lamps, and little décor pieces. I wouldn’t say I have a vintage style, but these pieces I choose tend to work beautifully with some of my more modern furniture and décor. Just because it’s vintage or antique doesn’t mean it has to look outdated! I hope to continue vintage shopping in 2019 and discover some more shops!

2019 was a year of growth for me. I became much more confident in myself, I started eating healthier, exercising, and taking lots of time for myself. My grades improved, I became more aware of my values… I really feel like I grew up this year. I want 2019 to be focused on God and health. Reading my bible everyday, exercising harder and more often, journaling, and keeping myself on top of things. When I procrastinate or get behind I get extremely stressed out and overwhelmed so I’m going to try my best to avoid that this year.

As 2018 was about growing and myself, and 2019 will be too, I want this year to be about relationships. Strengthening my friendships and relationship, and gaining new friendships. I want to become more involved whether it be through a church, volunteering, or school. I want to focus on giving and others. I feel like I am in a strong place where I am happy and confident, and it’s time to help others.

I have so many things I want to do of which I don’t want to share just yet. But this year I am really going to focus on obtaining my goals. I plan to graduate in December and need to take this time to figure out what I want to do. Some of these things I need to do when I am young and only have to take care of myself because I do plan on getting married and having children within the next several years. Sounds crazy! I still feel like I’m twelve, honestly!

I am currently reading several books… at once. I need to chill! But I am feeling super motivated and excited for the new year! I could write a novel on what I have accomplished and hope to accomplish in the future, but I’ll let you get back to filling out your new planners and drinking your evening cup of tea. I wish you a happy, healthy, fun and God-filled 2019!


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