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7 Must Have Apps

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share with you 7 of my must have apps that I recommend you download if you haven't already! These apps range from having to do with faith, to health, and even fun! Let's get into it, shall we?

  1. Bible // I love the Bible app because it makes it so easy to stop and read a few verses from anywhere at any time! You probably don't always have your big Bible with you, so this just makes it easily accessible. Plus, I love reading the verse of the day! It keeps me locked in on my faith each day and serves as an extra little reminder from God. Be sure to turn on your notifications so you don't forget to read this each day!

  2. She Reads Truth // I love this app because it makes it simple to find a devotional or reading plan. I recommend the Psalms of Rest 7 day study. I personally have the She Reads Truth Bible, which I also recommend! I'll link that here.

  3. Elevate // This is a new-to-me app that I recently discovered and fell in love with! It's a brain-training app that keeps your mind rocking and rolling on the regular. It provides daily training with exercises dealing with writing, reading, math, and more. I utilize the free activities, but you could always go pro!

  4. MyFitnessPal // Even if you don't use this exact app, I recommend downloading some type of health tracking app! I use it to track my weight and calories. It is mostly beneficial for logging foods and seeing how many calories are actually in them, and then deciding to make healthier choices in the future. You can track your progress and see how you're doing! It just helps to keep me mindful of what I am eating.

  5. LIKEtoKNOWit // You've probably seen me mention this app on Instagram before. It's a shopping app where you can follow your favorite bloggers and influencers and support them by shopping through their links! To be transparent, we make commission off of the items you purchase from us. This app keeps shopping easy! Saw me post something you like and want to buy? Follow me in the LIKEtoKNOWit app and you can purchase it! You can even create a wishlist of items you hope to be able to buy in the future. And while we're on the subject, here is a link to my favorite blue light blocking glasses pictured above. As always, THANK YOU for shopping through my links! And as a disclaimer, we DO NOT get credit for purchases made through the Amazon app. It has to be on a browser.

  6. Shazam // This one is ESSENTIAL! Just kidding. But really, you need this in your life. Have you ever been shopping in a store and REALLY like the song that's playing but you don't know the name of it? Just open up the app, hit the button, and it will listen and find the song for you! It will store all of your shazams, and it even links to your Spotify so you can easily add them to a playlist!

  7. Clue // If you're a female, you need this app. Clue is a cycle tracking app. You fill out a daily log of bleeding, pain, emotions, sleep, energy, mental, motivation, social, exercise, cravings, digestion, skin, and SO MUCH MORE! Trust me, they thought of everything. There is even a "cycle science" section where you can learn why your body is acting a certain way. Of course this doesn't replace talking with your doctor, but it's a good way to get quick information!

  8. Smiling Mind // Ahh, finally in bed after a nice long day. SO ready to sleep, but wait, you CAN'T?! This is why you need a meditation app. Let me tell you, this app puts me RIGHT to sleep! Most of the meditations range from 10-15 minutes long. The narrator is a man with an Australian accent, which for some reason puts me right to sleep. I love that it keeps playing when my phone is locked so I don't have to worry about my screen being bright. I recommend you try the "Sleep" program first. The breathing exercises help me calm my mind so much!

I hope you will download these apps and give them a try! If I had to recommend just one it would be Smiling Mind. I know we all have trouble with sleep and racing thoughts sometimes! Have a happy and healthy week, and be sure to keep up with me on Instagram! I'll talk to you next Monday!



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