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Finding Joy in the Little Things: 5 Tips

Happy Monday Eve! New week = fresh start, even if we are all still inside. I wanted to talk about 5 "little" things that I have been finding joy in over the past few weeks. I am all about slowing down and taking time for self-care, but self-care doesn't always have to mean bubble baths and manicures (which I have been doing too). It can be something as simple as making a hot cup of tea or listening to a relaxing playlist. We are all probably tired of decluttering and cleaning for right now, so here are 5 ideas for other things you can be doing also that I have found joy in recently:

1. Bible journaling // The Bible can be overwhelming at times, so I love writing out my thoughts as I am reading. Kate from @lonestarsouthern recommended these Amazon notebooks a few months ago, and I just recently ordered them. They are amazing quality: faux leather, hardcover, 8x10, and lined. They come in 28 different patterns and colors, and are under $20! I highly recommend these for Bible journaling.

2. 5-10 minute yoga or stretching // I'll be honest, I hate working out. I have a spin bike and several sets of weights, but you'll have to force me to use them. But I'm still human and I still like moving my body, so I have implemented 5-10 minute stretches. Below is an example of a sequence I follow:

3. Find a new relaxing playlist // I personally love this one on Spotify. It's called French Cafe Instrumental, but choose one that best suits your taste. This kind of music helps me focus and stay motivated to be productive throughout the day.

4. Invest in an essential oil diffuser and an oil or two // My two personal favorites are lavender and lemon. Whether you believe in the benefits of essential oils or not, they simply smell nice, and diffusers that light up or change colors can create a warm ambiance in your home. You do not have to buy an expensive diffuser, any one will do. Here are some options. (Stay tuned for a fun giveaway this week on my Instagram!)

5. Pick up some adult coloring books // Oh my goodness, coloring is SO relaxing! This is the coloring book that I am currently working on, (currently sold out), but there are plenty of options out there at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and book stores!

I hope you will find these ideas helpful. Let me know if you decide to implement any of them into your days! Until next Monday, keep up with me on Instagram. Have a happy and healthy week!



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