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Happy Monday, loves! Today I want to share something that has been on my heart a lot lately. Maybe it's the stage of life that I'm in (post college; pre full-time job), or the fact that I'm craving travel after being quarantined for so long, but I am once again realizing the freedom that I have, and I want to help you realize your freedom as well. School, work, and responsibilities can sometimes feel like chains holding us down. But there's a difference in being rooted where you're supposed to be, and being held back from where you should be going.

I want you to take a second to think about who you are. What kinds of things are you into? What are your hobbies? What makes you stop and say "Wow! That makes me heart smile." Books? Kids? Decorating? Art? Traveling? Writing? Entertaining? The list could go on. Personally, I am a constant dreamer. As an only child I am a natural born homebody, but I crave travel. Interior design makes my heart flutter, and writing comes naturally to me. I feel most confident when I am taking care of babies and children, and I appreciate the little things in life like the birds chirping outside my window as the sun rises. There is a lot more to who I am based on what I have been through in life, but these are some of the things that keep me dreaming.

At this point in time I feel as though life has taken a serious halt. I finished college in December, but my school is so small that they only hold one graduation ceremony per year - in May. Of course that has been cancelled and I'm not even sure if we will have one at all. I had planned to be searching for a full time job right now so that I could have something by fall, but it's not the best time to start something new and have to be out and about, so I'm considering finding something online. Our beach vacations have yet to be planned due to things just now reopening and graduation not set yet, so travel is on hold. Amidst all of this chaos and unknown, I am still constantly dreaming everyday. Searching Pinterest for Florida beach house inspiration because I have had a major urge to want to move there. Keeping up with my favorite interior designers on Instagram. Reading books and jotting down notes for when I will write a book. Talking with my boyfriend about how we will raise our kids one day. I am 22 years old and have had the same dreams for as long as I can remember. What are your dreams? Are you only slightly aware of them, Or are you constantly dreaming about achieving them one day? I know I am rambling on about my own life, but my point is that I have realized that I am free to do whatever I want to do, whether it's move to another state, or apply for a job that I don't think I'll get, or even writing a book. And, I am free to be whoever I want to be. I like who I am - a dreamer. I don't like how growing up in the same small town my whole life has left me feeling stuck and like I don't have the freedom that I am talking about. Can you relate? I hope this makes sense, but this is just how my brain works.

If you need a change of scenery and want to go to the beach for the weekend, go to the beach for the weekend. Obviously only if you can afford it, but do you know what I mean? You can literally do whatever you want! This is your life. People can judge you, bring you down, tell you why you should be doing something differently, but they are not you and they do not know your dreams. You have to follow your heart and let your dreams guide you and mold you into the person you are supposed to be. This is your life. If you take family, friendships, and relationships out of the question, where would you be right now? Would you be living somewhere else? Would you be working a different job? Would you look different? Just think about that.

I know I kind of sound like a crazy life coach right now, but my wish for you today is that you will take some time to sit and consider what your dreams are and how you can achieve them, and that you will learn to appreciate them while realizing that you are free to be whoever you want to be, because remember: this is your life.

See you Wednesday,



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