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Less is More

Happy Monday! Wow, the weeks really feel like they're running together, don't they? Every day is similar. I wake up on my own time, make brunch, and try to have a happy day. Most days I am able to succeed at that, and I hope you are too! As we come upon a new month I think we should take some time to reflect on how quarantine has impacted us so far, and how we should handle things moving forward. Have you fallen into the trap of consumerism? I have. Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media, sales, and bloggers influencing you to make purchases? I am. Today I want to discuss online shopping, comparison, social media, how less is truly more, and how this is the perfect time to slow down and live a simpler life. It's going to be a lot, but it's going to be truthful!

I first want to address the cover photo for this post. A pretty silver tray on my crisp white bed holding up a candle, julep cup with a faux flower, and some tea. And don't miss my Bible on the left with a bouquet of flowers laying on top of it. It's pretty, right? But, it's not realistic. Yes I use these items to decorate, but they don't live on my bed. They don't even belong in my bedroom! So, I wanted to show you what my bed really looks like right now as I am writing this post.

This has no filter (obviously) and has not been edited in any way (also obviously). I haven't made my bed yet today, and I think that's okay! But let me tell you, Instagram can be pretty staged. I mean yes that cover pic is really my space and yes that is my real decor, but let's be honest, I am not going to share a picture of my unmade bed on Instagram, or post a picture of my desk before removing the snack off of it. That's no fun! Now, I'm not saying I'm a messy person in real life... I am actually very clean and organized. But I just want to express to you that people do stage things for social media. In my case at least I can promise you it's not to deceive you. I just personally like sharing things that may give you inspiration, or things that I would like to see from others. So in my opinion it's not being fake, it's just simply to inspire and create a place where you can dream and feel happy! So I encourage you to stop comparing yourself to people you see posting online. I know everyone always says that, but it can really bring you down and hinder your happiness, even though the majority of what you see may not be real life. I absolutely love following people on Instagram who share their pretty decor and beautiful homes. But there is a difference between finding inspiration and feeling sad every time you see their posts. If you find yourself feeling the need to change what you have or who you are when you see someone's most recent picture, I encourage you to unfollow them. Comparison truly is the thief of joy.

I don't know if y'all follow a lot of bloggers or influencers, but I do, and it can feel suffocating at times. Seeing constant posts all day every day from each of them sharing sales, deals, favorites, and influencing you to make is overwhelming, especially right now while we are most likely always on our phones. Shopping online has become easier than ever. With many stores offering free shipping and sales during this time, it is hard to stay away from that "add to cart" button. Consumerism is a huge part of our lives these days. We are influenced by commercials, ads, bloggers, celebrities, and talking with friends and family. I have recently fallen into the trap of consumerism and online shopping. With spending so much time on social media and following all of these people who are sharing products they suggest all day, I gave in. Let me give you some perspective. I follow about 100 people on Instagram. About 90 of them post sales, deals, etc. multiple times a day. That is a lot of material influencing me to shop, right?! Leaving me wanting more. Leaving me feeling like I am less than because I have less. And that is just not true. I don't know if I will ever be one to share gift guides or sale roundups because I know how tempting those can be. I may do one every once in a while when a holiday comes around, but that's not what The Lavender Tassel is for. I want The Lavender Tassel to be a place to share the beauty I see in the world, design, and faith, as well as to talk about lessons I have learned, not sales. I do share products sometimes, but only if I use them often and love them, and genuinely want to recommend them to you. I do link products in the Like to Know it app. If you ever want to "get the look" of what's in my post, I link similar items since a lot of my things are purchased from vintage stores, or I have had them for a long time. I recently became a Like to Know it Influencer, which has been so exciting for me! But I never want to push anything on you. I just utilize it in case you ever want to check it out. But my end goal is not to make money. I don't know if you have ever noticed, but my Instagram bio lists four words: faith, positivity, inspiration, and happiness. I want to make this a positive space for you to feel inspired. Right now I'm kind of just sharing random things I am loving and learning, but eventually when I have my own home I will focus more on decor and design, so I hope that's something you can look forward to with me!

Anyway, this pandemic has really reminded me to slow down. I have realized that less is more. My quarantine online shopping spree has left me feeling down about spending money that I could have saved, and falling into the consumerism trap. Now I am unsatisfied even though I have these things. What is important to you? Do you appreciate the things you have or are you always longing for more? If you weren't influenced would you always desire something new, or do you think you could be content with your life as it is? In spending more time reading my Bible lately I have come to the realization that life is much simpler than we make it. This goes back to appreciating the little things in life. The blooming flowers, birds chirping, sun shining, water flowing down the stream... it's simple. It's beautiful. It's what we're meant to focus on.

In last week's blog post I shared five things you could implement into your days that don't involve technology. I encourage you to read it and think of some other things you can start doing in this next month to kind of take a social media detox. I know I need one! Obviously I do post blog posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I post on Instagram. So I am still going to be on social media, just not for several hours a day, I hope.

Five things I hope to do in place of spending time on social media in May:

-spend time outside

-read new books


-stay on top of cleaning

-read my Bible and journal

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat relatable. What I want you to take away from this is that social media posts can be staged, consumerism can be a trap, you should unfollow anyone who makes you feel like you need something new all the time, and that it's time to slow down and start living.



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