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Life Update: New Decade, New Me! Reflecting on college, and looking forward to the future!

Happy...Thursday?! I seriously cannot keep my days straight when I am not at school. I really need to work on that. I hope you are having a great week! Can you believe Christmas is less than one week away?! I can't... it still doesn't feel like Christmas to me. It's very weird. But anyway, I wanted to update y'all on my life and share some exciting news with you!

1. I graduated college... WHAT!

2. I currently am working my dream job as a part time assistant at Organize BHAM.

With the new decade coming, I am so excited that all of this has worked out. I wasn't positive that I was going to be done with school this semester, but I am BEYOND happy to be finished! I attend a very small college that only holds one graduation ceremony a year (in the spring) so I won't receive my diploma or be walking until May. But as of Tuesday I am officially done with school forever! It is crazy to think that I am 22 and have been in school since I was four... that is so not okay 😂.

I now have a BS in psychology. As some of you know I originally came into college knowing that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I started off with a major in collaborative education which was going to allow me the flexibility of teaching typical children, and/or children with special needs. I learned a lot in the education courses I took, and even made some friends. I was given incredible opportunities to shadow teachers at different schools around Birmingham, which was SUCH a fun experience! But unfortunately I had some serious issues with professors and just lost my passion for education. Of course I am still obsessed with babies and children, which is why I am continuing to babysit, haha! Attending a small liberal arts college means we didn't have that many fields to choose from. Biology, business, art, english, chemistry, psychology... you get the gist. Nothing creative, which I really needed. I have always been super interested in interior design, writing, small businesses... but I wanted to be challenged, and I wanted something that would help me help people. So I chose to switch my major to psychology. Let me tell you, I was challenged. I struggled grade wise. I struggled with confidence in school. I struggled with anxiety. I struggled with tests. Everything ran pretty stagnant for a couple semesters. I wasn't really improving or falling behind. Just kind of making it through. You may wonder why I did't transfer if things weren't going so great. People were encouraging me to, I was contemplating, and for a while I didn't really know why I didn't. But I now realize that it was in God's plan for me to stick it out and prove to myself that I could finish at BSC. Now that I am at the end of my education, I am so happy that I didn't leave. No matter the fact that it took me some summer classes and an extra semester, I can still say that I did it.

Unfortunately I lost my position as Vice President of Finance for my sorority because of my grades. I absolutely loved this position. It was the only thing keeping me in my sorority because I wasn't very happy with the people in it or how it was being run. I worked very hard at this position and at times put it before school. I truly loved it. But unfortunately when I lost the position I removed myself from the chapter altogether. Which was seriously one of the best decisions I have made in college. I am currently an alumni ( I didn't drop out of the sorority), because I knew I wanted to be associated with AXO, I just didn't want to be associated with the chapter at my school. I had some enjoyable moments with those people, but I learned fairly quickly that they were not my people. And that was okay. I put a lot into that sorority... and you know what? Not a single person still speaks to me from it besides one of my best friends and old roommate. Which is also okay. Because it taught me that being accepted into this sorority wasn't so that I could have friends in college or participate in community service (which we never did). It was so that I could grow as a person, become more independent, learn who I really was, and it gave me the opportunity to be able to stand up for myself and walk away from something that was no longer serving me, and that I could no longer give anything to.

I really learned so much in psychology. I believe that everyone should have to take these courses because every bit of information pertains to all of us! However, I am not currently interested in working in psychology or furthering my education to get a masters or PhD. Like I mentioned before, I am definitely more creative. Anything that has to do with the home or family is my passion. Interior design, organizing, even cleaning! I love it. Which brings me to my job. I recently started working as a part time organizing assistant for Organize BHAM. It has been so fun! I have only worked on a few jobs, but I am already enjoying it so much. And I have to say my boss is pretty cool 😉. I reached out to her a while ago and found out we actually went to the same college and had the same major at one point, but she didn't need me at the time. But one day she reached out and asked if I was interested in assisting her, which was such an incredible blessing! Graduating college with your dream job is not typical. Even though this is part time I am so thankful for all that I have learned and will learn throughout my time with this business and I am so happy that it gives me the freedom to still do something else I love... babysitting! I have always said I feel most confident when I am taking care of kids. So being able to start off the new year and new decade doing two of the things I love most is SUCH A BLESSING, and I am beyond grateful!

Speaking of the new decade, I have so many exciting things circling around in my head. I have my two jobs, I am finished with school, I am getting a gym membership this month and finally taking a hold on my health, and I am PURGING. I have been going through my room, bathroom, closet, everything just getting rid of stuff that takes up space and that I do not need or use. With all of these changes happening I feel the need to get rid of everything and start over! I need to tone it down a bit... but I think this is such the perfect time to do this. I usually put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to new beginnings. Whether it's my birthday, a new year, a new semester... there is so much pressure to make this the best one yet. But now that I don't have any set obligations (as my job is part time) I am able to be flexible, relaxed, and focus on what I want to focus on. The biggest thing is my health and getting my body into shape. Now that I have the time to really focus on it I am all about it! Another thing I really plan to focus on is my faith. I have always been strong in my beliefs, but I just want to dive deeper and learn as much as I can. I want it to take its place back as my number one priority. Now that I have time and flexibility in my life I really want to focus on these points because these are things I wanted to prioritize in school, but it was just tough for me to balance.

In my Instagram story I asked for advice that y'all wanted me to share in this post and I only received one, but I thought it was perfect.

"Always be curious. Never stop learning/reading. Have a thirst for knowledge in all areas of life".

I think that is some pretty solid advice that we can all relate to! There is so much I want to learn and do, but I just have to take it one step at a time. I am so looking forward to enjoying Christmas with my family and starting off the new year (AND NEW DECADE) RIGHT! Can you believe 2020 is just around the corner? Where are the flying cars?! Haha. Have a good rest of your week and be sure to keep up with me over on Instagram as I am in this transition period!



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