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Top 8 Items you need for a pamper night at home

Hey, friend! Happy Friday! The weekend is just about here and it's almost time for Thanksgiving break, and I think we could all use a little pampering, wouldn't you agree? Today I'm sharing my top 8 items that are essential for a pamper night at home. Click this link or any direct link listed below the photo to shop each item!

1. Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Bright + Radiant Whipped Mask // I recently discovered this mask and fell in love! It truly feels like a marshmallow cloud on your skin. It brightened and softened without irritating my sensitive skin at all. It claims to be safe for all skin types. I am very impressed!

2. Tortoise Blue Light Blocking Glasses // We all love scrolling through our phones before bed, but it's scientifically proven that the blue light rays from our devices inhibit our circadian rhythm from telling our brain when it's time to sleep. These glasses block out the blue light and allow us to keep up our bad habit of being on our phones before bed! 😂 I notice that I am able to fall asleep quicker when I have been wearing these. They're super affordable so I highly recommend you test them out for yourself!

3. Sherpa Blanket // OH MY. This is the softest blanket I have ever owned, and it's $19! You can choose your color and size. I have the full/queen in "off white" and it's perfect! If I were to purchase a second one it would be the gray.

4. Calm the Chaos Journal // I love this little journal. It includes questions for you to fill out at the end of the day such as how you took care of yourself that day, what act of kindness did you do for someone else, and what was the most memorable part of your day. It also includes a page for you to fill out of your intentions and to-dos for the next day.

5. Deep Sleep Body Cocoon Lotion // I received this product in a Fab Fit Fun box. I love putting it on my hands when I get into bed. It is so hydrating and has such a calming scent!

6. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray // I also received this in a FFF box, and love spraying it on my pillows before I get into bed. It smells just like the hand lotion, and helps relax me for sleep.

7. Basin Lip Scrub // I have been using this lip scrub for years! I'm kind of addicted. Don't get it twisted though... I am not one of those people who licks it off of their lips 🤢 and if that's you, I'm sorry but I don't know if we can be friends anymore... just kidding, kind of.

8. Burt's Bees Lip Treatment // This lip treatment is so incredible that I use it as my daily lip balm! But, I especially love to use it before bed after I have exfoliated my lips with the scrub. It's AMAZING!

Well, that sums up my top 8 items that I find to be essential when I am wanting to pamper myself before bed. Most of these products are very affordable and definitely worth trying out! If you decide to recreate my pamper routine let me know which products you enjoyed most! Make sure you're keeping up with me on Instagram. I've been posting a lot of new content lately and have some fun things coming up soon! Have a happy weekend 🥰




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