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Wellness Wednesday, Vol. 1 // Earth Day

Happy Wednesday! Today is a special day because you are reading the first ever "Wellness Wednesday" post on the blog! Wellness Wednesday is a new series I am kicking off today that will cover all things oils, sleep, health, etc. I hope you will enjoy this series coming to you every Wednesday!

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to begin this series, and today is the 50th anniversary! I wanted to share some of my favorite earth-friendly products that I have implemented into my life. I am in no way close to being perfectly eco-conscious, but I do like that I have implemented these changes, and what do you know, they have made my life even easier!

1. Reusable produce bags // I LOVE these! I feel so wasteful using so many produce bags at the store, so before I found out they made reusable ones I was putting all of my produce into one bag, which I know the cashiers do not appreciate. So I was so happy when I found mine at TJ MAXX. Here are some options if you want to start using them too.

2. Silicone straws // Now, I don't carry these out to restaurants with me like some people do... like I said, I'm not perfect. But I do use them at home every single day! I honestly can't believe I went for years using plastic straws at home every day. My one requirement for my silicone straws is that they be dishwasher safe. This is what has gotten me to use them on a daily basis! When you need to switch it out just throw it in the dishwasher with you're silverware. Here are some options for purchasing.

3. Microfiber cleaning cloths // I no longer clean with paper towels. I love using microfiber cloths like these. You just throw them in the wash when you're done and they come out like new! Kitchen messes still get cleaned up with paper towels, and the toilet still gets wiped down with a Clorox wipe, but for dusting and general cleaning and disinfecting, these are the way to go.

4. Thieves household cleaner concentrate // Thieves is a non-toxic alternative to your favorite all purpose cleaner, AND it disinfects! I consider this to be an eco-friendly product because it comes in the form of a concentrate so you use one cap full of concentrate and fill the rest up with water. I also consider this to be eco-friendly because if you keep it in a reusable glass bottle like these you aren't wasting any plastic! I purchase my Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner here. I have actually teamed up with Julie from @kind__beauty to do a Young Living giveaway over on Instagram for thieves cleaner, an amber glass bottle, two essential oils, and a diffuser, so head to my instagram and be sure to enter!

That concludes our very first Wellness Wednesday! I hope you will continue tuning in each week, and feel free to send me any ideas for topics you would like to see! Happy Earth Day 🌿



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